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Like fish in water, our shared reality is so shaped by politics that we frequently can't see it. The globalised world, new power brokers like tech giants and China, old power brokers like unions and Russia, and challenges like climate change, demographics and migration are the seas we swim in.

Stories, whether fiction or creative non-fiction, help us to navigate these global currents and our local waters. Gripping narratives with visceral characters allow us to see the world anew. Plus, stories are the single best way to promote dialogue. We create novels, memoirs, travelogues and other non-fiction books that don’t shy away from the big questions, but aren’t defined by them either.

Most importantly, our books are just great page-turning reads. 

Examples include Learning German (badly) by Tim Luscombe, an apolitical, heart-warming and witty book about Brexit, which one might have thought are contradictions in terms; Plague by Julie Anderson, a murder mystery set in Westminster; BlackOut by Sam Grenfall, a YA thriller featuring sustainable energy production; Sculpting the Elephant by Sylvia Vetta, which explores mixed race relationships, the Raj and multi-culturalism; and for the sheer fun of it, a comedy thriller/spy spoof making fun of all of the above, A Very Important Teapot by Steve Sheppard. ​

Claret Press meets all the costs of editing, designing, publishing across multiple formats and marketing our books. So we can only publish a limited number of books a year. New York audiobook producer Essential AudioBooks has turned seven of our books into audiobooks. In Germany, Drachenhaus Verlag has published the German translation of Brushstrokes in Time by Sylvia Vetta. Black Tea by Stephen Morris has been shortlisted for a Royal Society of Literature Award. 

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You can order Claret Press books from any bookshop or via eplatforms like Bookshop.org and Amazon. 


Submitting to Claret Press

If you're interested in submitting to Claret Press, send us a cover letter and a 25 page writing sample. Our email address is contact@claretpress.com. We'll try to get back to you in a few weeks.


We don't publish the following: poetry, self help or spiritual, erotica, kiddie books, picture books, art books, cookbooks, academic, educational, textbooks or screeds. We also don't republish self-published books.


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