Black Tea

by Steve Morris


Highly informed with a unique perspective, Black Tea chronicles the changing face of Russia over his thirty years there. A reflection and a travelogue, Steve Morris hauntingly explores love and identity, commitment and family.


Black Tea is a book about Russia that starts in London at the height of the Cold War and ends on a beach in Crimea forty years later. It takes elements of the writer's life that were forged into something new during the disruption and breakup of the Soviet Union and its aftermath, to create a different kind of memoir based on reflections, memory, and a narration that starts in England and leads the reader on a journey through Russia from the White Sea to the Caucasus.

Shortlisted for the RSL Christopher Bland Award 2020

Available in both print and ebook.

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‘Manages to say something new and worthwhile about that riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma that is Russia. Many have tried this before, but Morris, with his idiosyncratic range of family relationships, triumphantly blends that often elusive trio of personal recollection, history and sense of place.’

Andrew Lycett, biographer and broadcaster


‘A triumph of art as well as of observation’

Paul Binding, cultural critic and author

‘This fascinating autobiographical travelogue is an unblinking self-analysis’

Zinovy Zinik, celebrated Russian author and BBC critic

‘Elegiac, evocative and disarmingly candid, Black Tea rattles along like a Russian train. It can be soothingly poetic and then bring you to a standstill with its sharp, searing honesty’

Lucy Ash, BBC Russia Correspondent

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