A Very Important Teapot

by Steve Sheppard

A Very Important Teapot

'A curiously magical thriller with suburban subterfuge and sparkle.' 

Helen Lederer, comedy author, actress and founder of the Comedy Women in Print Prize 

'This is a thriller, a chase, a buddy story, a mystery [...] all smoothly told with hugely engaging characters, and rips along at a hectic pace.' Adrian Magson, author of Hostile State 

'My goodness! What a hilarious, energetic and entertaining roller-coaster of a read this is. The pace never lets up.' 

Sue Clark, author of Note to Boy

Available in print and ebook.

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A Very Important Teapot is a comedy thriller revolving around the hunt for a lost cache of Nazi diamonds in Australia. Dawson's life is going nowhere. Out of work and nearly out of money, he is forlornly pursuing the love of Rachel Whyte. But Rachel is engaged to Pat Bootle, an apparently successful local solicitor who has appeared from nowhere. Then, out of the blue, Dawson receives a job offer from his best friend, Alan Flannery, which involves him jumping on a plane to Australia to "await further instructions". But instructions about what? This is the start of a frantic chase around south eastern Australia with half the local underworld, the police and the intelligence agencies of three countries trying to catch up with Dawson. What is Flannery's game? Why has Pat Bootle turned up in Australia? Who is the beautiful but mysterious Lucy Smith? What is the teapot's secret? What has folk music got to do with anything? And how do guns actually work? Dawson's life will never be the same again.

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