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Award-winning finalist for the International Book Cover Award

Young James Bond meets Breaking Bad.

BBC Oxford Book Reviewer



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368 Pages





Available in paperback, ebook and audiobook

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This epic young adult thriller is about friendship in the most unlikely places, science and breaking free from society.

A Counter Terrorism operative shows up tortured to death. An elderly prof goes missing. An eco-cult is recruiting at a weekend concert for young people at Battersea Power Station. A teenage felon's music has gone viral.

All Counter Terrorism want is for him to make a simple swap: some photos for his freedom. Only he's trapped inside Battersea Power Station. No swap. No way he can tell anyone about it. And the dawning horror that the missing and the dead will bring England to its knees. He's got his GCSEs, his guitar, and a grasp of engineering. That's got to be enough.

To free himself. And save London.

Learning German (badly)
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