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Bored to Death in the Baltics

Book 2 in the Dawson and Lucy Series

Dawson is the unlikeliest MI6 spy you’ll ever meet. Good thing he has the lethally competent Lucy Smith for company. 

From important teapots to vengeful assassins to international conspiracies, is there any escapade that Dawson can’t stumble into or any that Lucy can’t rescue him from? Find out in the funniest spy thriller series you’ll ever read.

I really enjoyed Steve Sheppard’s Bored to Death in the Baltics and I highly recommend it. Bored, I certainly wasn’t. Witty, raucous, clever and intriguing.
A very funny, and a little hapless, James Bond lead, with lots of strong women characters - I love the twins. A great story and twisting plot, right from page one to the end.

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Comedy and thriller don’t always make the best bedfellows, but in this case, the author manages to fuse both into a fast-paced page-turner that is genuinely funny and gripping. So despite the title’s first three words, there is nothing remotely dull about this book! The suspense is skilfully maintained throughout, and the comedy moments abound, helped along by a beautifully drawn cast of comic heroes and villains. The plot twists and turns just heighten the fun of the ride. A highly entertaining read which I thoroughly enjoyed and would definitely recommend. Five stars from me!

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Praise for A Very Important Teapot:

A curiously magical thriller with suburban subterfuge and sparkle.

Helen Lederer, comedy author, actress and founder of the Comedy Women in Print Prize 

This is a thriller, a chase, a buddy story, a mystery [...] all smoothly told with hugely engaging characters, and rips along at a hectic pace.

Adrian Magson, author of Hostile State 

My goodness! What a hilarious, energetic and entertaining roller-coaster of a read this is. The pace never lets up.

Sue Clark, author of Note to Boy

Bored to Death in the Baltics


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262 Pages





Available in paperback and ebook

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When a bomb explodes in front of Dawson on a sunny June morning, he is lucky to escape with his life. Certainly luckier than the man he is following. However, waking up several hours later in the bilges of a ship apparently heading for the Baltic Sea is quite depressing as it wasn’t how he’d planned to spend his weekend. 

Who was the man assassinated by the bomb? 

Who has kidnapped Dawson, and will Lucy Smith find him in time? 

What is happening deep underground in leafy Surrey and rural Estonia? 

Is there a double-agent in MI6? 

Who are the tantalising Sesks twins really working for? 

Can Dawson and Lucy distinguish Wright from Rong? 

And can Dawson avoid being bored to death?

Also by Steve Sheppard

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