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Final Approach: My Father and Other Turbulence

A wonderful book that constantly surprises and delights. 

Alan McCormick, Best British Short Stories

Mark has a clear and clean, unfussy writing style - a very good idea for a book.

Colin Grant, author of Negro with a Hat

Final Approach is a beautiful and tender work.

Shaun Levin, A3 Press

Excellent - moving and engaging and really original - there is nothing like this.

Lara Feigel, writer, reviewer and professor at Kings College London

A delightful blast from the past.

Isabel Costello, The Literary Sofa

Final Approach: My Father and Other Turbulence


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204 Pages





Available in paperback and ebook

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Final Approach charts the turbulent flightpath between a jetsetting father and a planespotting son.

The 1970s were the final gasp of the Golden Age of Flying. Mark Blackburn grew up amidst this fuel-guzzling splendour, with airports his playground of choice. He came to adulthood well-heeled and well-travelled. However, he had to contend with his multimillionaire father.

Luxury cars. Private planes. Racing stables. Foreign Mistresses.

Paranoia, bullying and power plays.

At the centre was the inescapable pull of the father.

Half memoir and half travelogue, wrapped in an ode to planespotting, this is one man’s journey to break free. 

It’s the trip of a lifetime. Take your seat and buckle up for take-off.

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