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Not in My Name

If you like your political thrillers realistic and biting, then you will love Not In My Name.

The Bookwormery @lelbudge 

an interesting mix of political fantasy and murder mystery.

Drena Irish, A LoveReading Ambassador

So this is a really good book. But it's also kind of different. Initially I thought it was a perfectly normal police procedural but then I realised that the author was playing with us, the reader, and with the genre itself. It's almost Britain, but not quite. And you're not quite sure what's true, what's invented, what's a joke and what's serious. This keeps the reader on their toes which is rather unsettling. Personally, though, I quite like that. I like something that's the same yet different. The characters are very engaging if wonky. The writing is fresh and energetic. I really hope to read more by this writer on this series, as I think it's a really great way to read a mystery.

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Not in My Name


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In an alternate 2003 where the UK voted to go to war with Iraq in a split referendum, an anti-war activist is murdered. Her friend and another activist, Phoebe, fixates on finding the truth as the only way to cope with her grief and anxiety. 

Phoebe and her ex-boyfriend Sefu aren’t able to investigate for long before another of their activist friends is murdered. They find evidence that the murderer might be one of their own. Phoebe’s anxiety nearly cripples her ability to cope, and her attraction to her ex isn’t helping any. 

Firebrand Xia is determined to shut the investigation down. Matriarch Paula had no alibi, but also no motive. Young punk Liam is lying to protect someone. Ex-soldier Gus struggles with his PTSD. 

Phoebe needs to deal constructively with her anxiety, and quickly, before the police find out what has happened, and every one of their friends winds up in prison. Or dead.

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