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Stories from Herodotus

Retold so as to be readable/usable with primary school students, these are pared-down Greek stories of real historical tales and persons.

K. J. Noyes, Amazon 'Top Contributor' reviewer of childrens' books and former school librarian

Great stories from Herodotus distilled down into thoughtful, sometimes action-packed, stories that will delight adults and entertain kids.

Audible reviewer

Great introduction to Ancient Greece for kids. Bought for my cousin but ended up enjoying it myself!

Amazon Review

I have to admit that I bought multiple copies of this book. Keep a couple tucked in a bottom drawer somewhere for every time there's a baby shower, birthday party or christening. It's beautifully illustrated, quite aspirational, confidently told by British Museum specialist Lorna Oakes and yet fun.
Kids will love it. Parents will love it. Parents will love that kids love it. It's a great present.

Amazon Review

Stories from Herodotus


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Available in paperback, ebook and audiobook

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This beautiful children's book retells the stories of the ancient world and brings history to life.

Herodotus wrote the first history book in the world. That is why he is sometimes called the ‘Father of History’. He lived about 2,500 years ago, and was born at a place called Halicarnassus in Asia Minor. Here his stories are retold so that future generations can benefit from their wisdom and cultural richness.

Retold to be accessible for children, these stories will delight readers of all ages.

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