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The Fractured Portal

Book 2 of the Wefan Weaves Trilogy

The Fractured Portal

There are some exciting scenes, battles and fights and the magic is interesting - there is more to it than at first you realise.

G.R. Matthews, author of The Corin Hayes series

Watkinson has great fun with the world-building and the tropes of epic fantasy. With The Cracked Amulet she writes a series opener that recalls the scope, breadth and darkness of Tad Williams and JV Jones.

Steven Poore, author of The Heir to the North Duology

A wide ranging fantasy tale…bags of imagination on display…strongest in its world building and magic…

Mark Lawrence, author of The Broken Empire Trilogy, The Red Queen’s War Trilogy and The Book of the Ancestor Trilogy

Available in print and ebook.

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Also by R B Watkinson

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