A Very Important Teapot

by Steve Sheppard

Dawson is unemployed and drifting, reduced to spending more time than he should at the pub and forlornly pursuing the love of Rachel Whyte, a fellow member of his drama group. But Rachel is engaged to Pat Bootle, an apparently successful local solicitor who seems to have appeared from nowhere.

Out of the blue, Dawson receives a job offer from his best friend, Alan Flannery, which involves him dropping what little he has to drop and jumping on a plane to Australia where he is told to wait for further instructions.

But instructions about what?

His confusion deepens when he unexpectedly meets a girl called Lucy at a party and then receives a mysterious package on the eve of his departure.

He is certainly none the wiser when he finds himself kidnapped by a local gangster soon after arriving down under, and he is thoroughly nonplussed to be rescued by none other than Pat Bootle.

What is Flannery’s game? Who is Lucy? And who does Bootle really work for?

There follows a madcap chase around south eastern Australia with half the Victorian underworld, the police and the intelligence agencies of three countries trying to catch up with Dawson.

Finally, in a small, dusty Victorian town called Yackandandah, all the pieces of the puzzle come together. Dawson’s life will never be the same again.

'A curiously magical thriller with suburban subterfuge and sparkle.'

Helen Lederer (Comedy Author, Actress and founder of the Comedy Women in Print Prize)

ISBN pbk: 978-1-910461-40-2

ISBN ebook: 978-1-910461-41-9


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