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Insights: Our Book Launch

We had the pleasure of hosting an event on Saturday December 1st, featuring renowned author Tracy Chevalier (Girl With a Pearl Earring), and what a night it was! With Shakespearean actor Tim Frances as compere and reading the bittersweet Christmas story "Turkey in the Boot" by contributor Emily White, the fundraiser and book launch was a joyous evening, with plenty of laughs and wine.

Here is Tracy Chevalier with our panel, where we got the insights on a writer's life and how they do what they do.

Left-Right: Tracy Chevalier, Pam Corsie (3rd prize), Michael Coolwood (contributor), Diane L. Miller (2nd prize), Shirley Muir (contributor), and Jim Knight (1st prize).

tracy chevalier, panel, author discussion, Q&A time, contributors

Our three winners from the short story competition looking pleased - Pam Corsie for her charming love story "Blind Date" 3rd prize, Diane L. Miller for her edgy truculent portrayal of someone suffering from a chronic illness "Fine Now" 2nd prize, and Jim Knight for his 2 paragraph stream of consciousness road trip cum meditation on connecting to people "For Steve" 1st prize. Such wonderful new talent that we are so proud to have published.

prize winners, competition winners, short story competition winners

Tim Frances reading us funny quips and getting the evening started. A compilation of hilariously awful similies got the audience in the mood for an evening of entertainment.

"She had a deep throaty laugh, like a dog that was about to vomit."

tim frances, compere, opening readings, audience entertainment

Such an excellent turn-out for the event, filling St. Paul's Church.

audience, turn-out

Our reserved seating at the front for Tracy Chevalier, artist Dr. Tansy Spinks, and judge Dr. James Scott. Our other judge, and inspiration for the event, Sarah Gray, is seated further forward. (And I am thankfully out of sight here!)

The volunteers were kept busy organinsing the bar and bookselling behind the scenes.

tracy chevalier, Dr. james scott, Dr. tansy spinks, artist, author, judges, professionals

We are deeply grateful for everyone's contribution to battling Motor Neurone Disease, and offer our massive thanks to Tracy Chevalier and Tim Frances for their wonderful involvement with the evening.

We are still accepting donations for the MND Association. To order a book visit our website or search for "Insights: Fifteen Stories Exploring Disablity" on Amazon. 100% of net proceeds will be given to the MNDA. Stay tuned for info on how much we raised!

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