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A Slice of Claret News - April Edition

On 2 April, we attended the Oxford Indie Book Fair alongside our authors Sylvia Vetta and Steve Sheppard. Katie thoroughly enjoyed giving a talk to a dozen people on how to get published. We sold a bunch of books and it was great chatting with fellow book-enthusiasts about all things publishing. Until next year! We look forward to the third #oxfordindiebookfair.


Between 5-7th of April we visited the London Book Fair, where 20,000 publishing professionals met. It was great to connect with other indie publishers and associates, as well as to listen to some fascinating talks over the course of the three days. We all loved walking around and seeing what other publishing houses are producing. We must admit there are plenty of great books out there! We especially enjoyed our first face-to-face meeting with our new distributor, Gazelle Books, which offers excellent distribution throughout the UK and the EU. We're excited about this next step to extend our reach.


Come along to a Zoom event with our author, Jill Culiner, on the 26 April to hear about her recent book, A Contrary Journey, which chronicles a forgotten part of Jewish history. We're sure that it will be a thoroughly thought-provoking discussion. Claret Press publishes books dealing with ongoing events and issues of the day, as well as highlighting forgotten chapters of history. We are proud to have published Jill's book about the Jewish renaissance - particularly poignant today in light of the tragic events in Ukraine. You'll be able to ask Jill questions at the end in a lengthy Q&A. A Contrary Journey with Jill Culiner Tues, 26 April 2022, 18:30-19:30 BST Register for free at Eventbrite.


To end on a PAW-sitive note, we have a new boss in the office. Here's Charlie, the Claret Press cat keeping our intern, Yaz, in check! Purrrfect.



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