A Slice of Claret News - March Edition

Happy Friday everyone! We're excited to let you know about an event we'll be taking part in, hosted by Oxford Publishing Society on Thursday 17th March: Independent Publishers: Nice Niche or Vital Necessity?

We'll be reflecting on the role of independent publishers alongside Aleida Gomez de Casa, founder of Peculiar Press, an Oxford-based publisher making bilingual, illustrated books for children, and James Harrison, Oxford Indie Book Fair, Oxfordfolio and Anglepoise Books. We'd love for you to join us for this free event!

Spoiler alert: I think we can be both a niche and a necessity. But come and share your opinion. It's free but register in advance.

Independent Publishers: Nice Niche or Vital Necessity?

Thur, 17 March 2022, 18:00-19:00 GMT

Register for this free Zoom event.


Sylvia Vetta's forthcoming memoir, Food of Love, is being published in the autumn and we are in the process of designing it now. Intensely personal, Sylvia's story nonetheless reflects the tumult of post-war Britain.

Sylvia has asked her friends and grandchildren to contribute a drawing to start each chapter. Here's the one heading up Chapter 29 by celebrated illustrator Korky Paul, creator of Winnie the Witch.

Visit our Payhip Webshop for Sylvia Vetta's Sculpting the Elephant and Brushtrokes in Time. Both are great reads!


As well as running Claret Press, Katie and her team edit up books and help authors to self-publish their stories through the sister company, Clapham Publishing Services. We'd like to share one of the more wonderful stories.

Angela Cecil Reid is the author of a young adult adventure story called Nile Cat. It's the BRAG Medallion Honouree, has won Silver for the Moonbeam Children's Book Award, and was shortlisted for the Rubbery Award 2021.

One of Angela's friends very kindly painted the lovely picture of an Egyptian cat and we turned it into a paperback and ebook. But the cover wasn't right. Or at least not for a YA adventure. There was no sense of danger. No thrill. Nothing that visually grabbed, especially as a thumbnail on Amazon.

Back Angela came to us. Could we rework the cover so that it ticked every box. It had to have a cat, something that said Egypt, action and danger. Something that grabbed.

Petya Tsankova, our designer, and Angela worked together creating multiple images and playing with colour. Katie and Angela came up with the tag line. Finally we were all satisfied.

Check out the two covers. Does the second one grab you more than the first? Better yet, get this fabulous YA adventure for the youngster in your life.


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