COVID, Corruption and Crony Capitalism: A Claret and Conversation Zoom Event on February 4, 2021

Outraged that the government gave out £17b in contracts to their friends, with 50% of the contracts still undeclared? Confused about the legality of it? Worried about its economic impact?

Join our host Claret Press publisher Katie Isbester PhD, as she, with the help of our three guests, asks the hard hitting questions surrounding the PPE scandal, COVID and the UK Government.

We will talk with economist Vicky Pryce, who sits on the Department for Business Innovation and Skills' panel monitoring the economy, Co-Director of The Transnational Law Institute at King's College London Dr Emily Barritt and Julie Anderson, an ex-senior civil servant.

We will end with a live audience Q&A.

A recording of this Claret and Conversation zoom event will be available on YouTube after the event.

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