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Oxford: More than a University Town

Claret Press author, Sylvia Vetta, has been asked to talk about her book series, the Oxford Castaways, for the Oxford Guild of Guides who take people on tours around Oxford. With the Castaway series, Vetta interviewed a number of leading people across the industries of Oxford about what they would take with them if they were marooned on a desert island. What emerges from these interviews is a richer, more diverse, and substantially more engaging Oxford than the one of the dreaming spires. In her novel for Claret Press, Sculpting the Elephant, Vetta bases it in both India and Oxford. Her protagonist runs an antiques store in Oxford, which he is loathed to leave behind. He is however in love with a student at Oxford who makes it clear to him that her future lies in India. He must choose between these markedly different places and have an understanding as to why. When you see Oxford through his eyes, it's not an easy choice. So check out this video on Oxford.


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