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Steve Sheppard was born in Guildford, the youngest by some distance of three brothers, and spent his formative years in the heart of the Surrey stockbroker belt, where he played a lot of sport (poorly), met a lot of people (friendly) and had a lot of jobs (of varying degrees of noteworthiness).


He also appeared on stage in a number of amateur productions, whether anyone wanted him to or not. Disappointed at failing to meet any actual stockbrokers, he moved to West Oxfordshire over twenty years ago, where he now lives in a quintessentially quirky English village with his wife, son and the latest in a series of recalcitrant cats.


A Very Important Teapot is his first novel. The title came to him a quarter of a century ago but he did very little with it until early 2017 when, flying home from Australia, Steve decided that he would probably never find a better time to write the book he’d been thinking about, on and off, through all of life’s normal and abnormal travails. So he did.


ISBN paper: 978-1-910461-40-2

ISBN ebook: 978-1-910461-41-9

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