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Writing is Sylvia Vetta’s third career after teaching and running a business. Her first
published books were non-fiction. Studying for the Diploma in Creative Writing at
Oxford gave her the confidence that she could write fiction.
She married Indian academic Atam Vetta when mixed relationships were rare. In
her second novel Sculpting the Elephant she felt the desire to write a novel that
could reflect the lives of children of marriages like her own.
Sylvia Vetta has a passion for art, history and literature and developed an interest in
India and China from a young age. Her extensive interviews with the Stars art
movement founder, Qu Leilei, inspired her to write Brushstrokes in Time. She
wanted more people to know about the courage of these artists who included Ai
Weiwei. She is curious about why significant events in history are forgotten.

Ashoka,who in effect turned the teachings of the Buddha into the world’s third largest religion was forgotten for 1000 years. Exploring why that happened is part of Sculpting the Elephant. Sylvia has pursued a life-long interest in development projects believingthat we are all interconnected.

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Sculpting the Elephant

ISBN paper: 978-1-910461-33-4

ISBN ebook: 978-1-910461-34-1

Brushstrokes in Time Sylvia Vetta
Brushstrokes in Time Sylvia Vetta audiobook

ISBN paper: 978-1-910461-09-9

ISBN ebook: 978-1-910461-10-5

ISBN audio: B01LWJ7NWU

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