Talking Points

Claret Press hosts "Talking Points", a series of zoom events free to watch at point of broadcast and then available on Claret Press's YouTube channel. They explore the issues that weave through the books we publish, such as crony capitalism, the crisis of care, Brexit, democratic accountability, freedom of speech and so many more. 


Hosted by Katie Isbester, PhD, with a panel of experts active in their field, the conversation is lively, friendly and informed. Questions and answers from the attendees are at the end of the zoom event.


If you’re interested, follow us on social media or subscribe to the Claret Press website for an occasional email announcing new events and other news. If you wish to support our provocative and relevant conversations, then please consider leaving us a tip, nothing more than the cost of a cup of coffee. It helps to offset the costs of them. Thank you.

Watch some of our Talking Points below.

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