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Writing is Sylvia Vetta’s third career after teaching and running a business. She was chairman of the Thames Valley Arts and Antiques Dealers Association between 1997-2001. For 18 years she reviewed art exhibitions and wrote historical and profile features for The Oxford Times. She first met the Stars Art Movement founder, Qu Leilei, reviewing Everyone’s Life is an Epic and discovered that his was the epic life. Those courageous artists marched to Tiananmen Square in 1979 demanding freedom of expression. The founder of the Democracy Movement Wei Jingsheng says Leilei saved his life. Sylvia wanted the world to know about the Stars and, after three years in depth interviews and research, wrote Brushstrokes in Time – a novel set against real events.

She is curious about why significant events in history are forgotten. Ashoka, who in effect turned the teachings of the Buddha into the world’s third largest religion was forgotten for 1000 years. Exploring why that happened is part of Sculpting the Elephant. The contemporary story concerns a mixed relationship much like her own to Indian born Atam Vetta.

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