Brushstrokes in Time

by Sylvia Vetta

'Weaving real events and Stars artists (including Ai WeiWei) with the fictional, this moving story shines a light on the internal workings of China and gives us an engaging heroine who rises above oppression to discover love, hope and success.'
Frank Sieren, Asia Expert

'Moving but never mawkish... A deeply informed portrayal of the little-known but important Stars Arts Movement.' Prof Maria Jaschok, Oxford University

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Brushstrokes in Time is the fictional memoir of Chinese artist Little Winter, who tries to re-establish the bond with her American daughter, telling the story of her emotional and rebellious past. While growing up in Communist China, Little Winter discovers talent and rebellion, joining ‘The Stars’ art movement for freedom of speech in an era where self-expression and love was a dangerous act.

Little Winter and her haunting love story connects us to a time of hope for freedom, and to a man frustrated by being kept in small shoes.

Based on real life events.

Also by Sylvia Vetta

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