Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain

It's the Great Depression. The world is tilting towards war. In the White House, nothing is as it seems.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the married president of the United States, has started a long and passionate affair with his cousin Daisy, and moves her into the West Wing.

Daisy is one of FDR's band of unconventional women: Eleanor Roosevelt, the fiery labour organiser, Frances Perkins, the first female Secretary of Labour, and his secretary Missy LeHand, a political operative in her own right. Middle-aged spinster Daisy becomes FDR's secret wife. That's not her only secret.

This fictional biography written by a family member who knew Daisy is the untold true story of a hidden love and hidden contributions, and of a presidency that benefitted from both.

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Nothing was as it seemed. In the dying days of the Gilded Age, Daisy Suckley, sixth cousin and alternative wife to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, tells of the women behind the man: their animosities, liaisons and ambitions that sought to bear influence. Who really had the President's ear?


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