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Longlisted for the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award for Best Thriller 2023

Opera is a smart, sophisticated, page-turning thriller. It's one of those books that keeps you up late, leaves you tired the next day and keeps you up late again the next night. It's that good. Anderson manages to combine an unpredictable but totally credible plot line that is edge-of-your seat exciting from beginning to end with a writing style that is wonderfully descriptive without going over the top - something few writers can do. Opera is a great read.

Steve Powell, author of Term Limits

It’s hard to take a break in reading Opera - very hard to put down. The narrative tension grows with every chapter as events and characters take surprising directions. One thing is certain with Cassie: she won’t give up on discovering the truth. The best novel yet in a thrilling series made all the more compelling by the author’s inside knowledge of the corridors of power.

Amazon Review

I found this the best of the three books. The other 2 were great but this felt on another level. There was less of a historical link like in the previous books. This time the history was more recent. I'm not sure if it was the anticipation of the release date of the book or just seeing what situation Cassie found herself in, but I can't begin to explain how much I enjoyed this. Cassie is determined to find out why she was really pushed out of GCHQ and the book starts with her on the way to meet her old colleague Angela. Instead she ends up finding her body, having been brutally murdered. Cue a determined Cassie trying to get to the bottom of things which seems to have links to events in Pakistan in 2012.
The events of the book feel quite real and it is clear that the author has a lot of knowledge of the workings of government departments.

Amazon Review



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318 Pages





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It had been solely personal.

But now there's a new hunt for the truth.

Determined to lay the ghosts of her past, Cassandra Fortune asks a former head of GCHQ for help, only to receive a message from beyond the grave. A riddle to puzzle out. A murder to solve.

She revisits an old betrayal in an ancient land, uncovering subterfuge and treason. And she grapples with her own disgrace and the man who'd destroyed her career and almost destroyed her.

As everyone prepares for Christmas, a shadowy presence haunts her footsteps. His criminal network shattered, the diabolical Lawrence Delahaye is back. Is he still seeking vengeance? And Cassie?

What is real and what only appears to be?

Who can be trusted and who is double-dealing?

Cassie must find and face up to the truth, and survive.

Also by Julie Anderson

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