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It had been solely personal.

But now there's a new hunt for the truth.

Determined to lay the ghosts of her past, Cassandra Fortune asks a former head of GCHQ for help, only to receive a message from beyond the grave. A riddle to puzzle out. A murder to solve.

She revisits an old betrayal in an ancient land, uncovering subterfuge and treason. And she grapples with her own disgrace and the man who'd destroyed her career and almost destroyed her.

As everyone prepares for Christmas, a shadowy presence haunts her footsteps. His criminal network shattered, the diabolical Lawrence Delahaye is back. Is he still seeking vengeance? And Cassie?

What is real and what only appears to be?

Who can be trusted and who is double-dealing?

Cassie must find and face up to the truth, and survive

Available in print and ebook

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Also by Julie Anderson

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