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Book 1 in the Cassandra Fortune Series

If it’s excitement and mystery you’re after, try the bang up to date topic Plague.

Time and Leisure Magazine

This is a tense Parliamentary thriller with the sour tang of authenticity.

Annemarie Neary, author of The Orphans

Absolutely enthralling...Thought provoking and genius - thank you Julie Anderson! 

Barbara Pidgeon, author of Shakti Manifest.

Highly recommended.

Dr Noir

Intriguing and multi-layered, the plot is extremely topical and the stakes could not be higher. 

David Armstrong, playwright.

Loved the tension in the story which gripped right to the end. Very accurate description of Westminster, especially how easy it is to get lost. 

Lord Collins of Highbury



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282 Pages





Available in paperback and ebook

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In this thrilling murder mystery power, money and love curdle into a deadly brew that could bring down the Mother of all Parliaments. 

Work on a London tube line is halted by the discovery of an ancient plague pit and in it, a very recent corpse. A day later another body is found, also in a plague pit. This victim is linked to the Palace of Westminster, where rumours swirl around the Prime Minister and his rivals. 

As the number of deaths climbs, the media stokes fear. Government assurances are disbelieved. Everyone feels threatened. A disgraced civil servant and a policeman must find the answer before Westminster closes for recess. 

Time is running out. And it’s not clear what – or who – will survive.

Also by Julie Anderson

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