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If it’s excitement and mystery you’re after, try the bang up to date topic Plague.

Time and Leisure Magazine

This is a tense Parliamentary thriller with the sour tang of authenticity.

Annemarie Neary, author of The Orphans

Highly recommended.

Dr Noir

Available in paperback and ebook.

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Justice will be done, but what kind of justice?

Near the ancient Temple of Apollo, young idealists protest at a European governmental conference. Then the charismatic leader of the protest goes missing.
The next day a body is discovered, placed like an offering to the gods. One day later a recent, broken corpse is found at the foot of the cliffs from where blasphemers were once tossed to their deaths.

Like the Oracle of Delphi, Cassie Fortune must supply the answers before the conference is over.

And before more die.


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Also by Julie Anderson

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