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The Door That Shouldn't Have Been There

A Modern Fairy Tale About Grief

Bound in hardback and richly illustrated with evocative artwork by Becky Gough

"Corinna beautifully balances the universal and particular in this individual story of loss and everyday grief. The imagery is poetic and layered and draws the reader forward, running to catch their breath."

Henry Normal, multi award-winning writer, producer and broadcaster

I found this book to be a short and easy read (which I think are great for palate cleansers or if you're in a bit of a slump.) 

I read it in one sitting and it didn't take long until I felt connected to the story. The author did a great job at describing grief and how people tend to process it differently. The concept of a random door appearing definitely intruiged me and kept me wondering each time what would be on the other side. The way the author described each new element was fantastic and really detailed.

The story got me thinking a lot about how sometimes when you're caught up in mourning, you can often forget that other people around you are struggling too and how much grief can just consume every minute of your day.

Lottie @ljreads_ Bookstagrammer

I really loved this book and would recommend it to anyone who has experienced or is experiencing grief. That feeling of being so lost, wondering if there is anything beyond death. Attempting to carry on living without that person there. I found myself getting very emotional whilst reading it. I really loved the concept of the door.

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The Door That Shouldn't Have Been There


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152 Pages





Available in hardback and ebook

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Once upon a time, a husband watches as his wife opens a Door. He tries to follow her, waking instead to find his beloved dead beside him.

Days later, The Door appears again. He doesn’t know where it will take him. All he knows is that he’s desperate to see his wife again.

This is a story about a husband’s sorrow, and where it takes him.

This is a story about grief.

This is a story about what we do when faced with the loss of those we love.

Stepping between the fantastical and the real, this modern fairy tale crystalises hope and mourning

into a reflection on life itself. 

Bound in hardback and richly illustrated with evocative artwork by Becky Gough.

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